SPB launches a new product design and development tool

SPB > COMPAGNIE > SPB launches a new product design and development tool
  • Its main objective is to improve process efficiency and achieve more fluid communication
  • SPB becomes the first company in the Spanish detergency sector to have it.

SPB starts working with a new product design and development tool with the aim of digitalising the Product area. This project for the implementation of this tool, which has been named Siemens Project after the software company, is a major milestone for the company, not only because of the digitalisationtechnological progress and the advantages that these two aspects will bring, but also because SPB becomes the first company in the Spanish detergency sector to have this software.

The Siemens project is the result of a year and a half of teamwork between the people involved in Product Design and the IT team, and also the implementation partner Maval, which has accompanied the teams throughout the process. For SPB it is a turning point, as from now on we will have an integrated platform with all the information related to our formulas and also connected to our SAP system.

A few weeks ago, the implementation started with the formulation block and the associated legislation. The integration of the rest of Regulatory and Packaging is planned for the first quarter of 2024.

The purpose of the Siemens Project is to improve process efficiency, achieve smoother communication and more effective information management.

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