The second phase of the Innowork project begins at SPB

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The second phase of the Innowork project gets underway at SPB. A few days ago, researchers from the Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia came to our production plant SPB2 to test on some colleagues various exoskeletons that they are developing within the framework of their Innowork project.

This research began in 2022 with the aim of achieving the development, transfer and dissemination of innovative techniques to reduce ergonomic risks in the workplace with aids such as exoskeletons and monitoring tools. 

At SPB we have collaborated with the IBV since the beginning of the programme, as the well-being and safety of all our staff in their workplaces is of paramount importance to us.

SPB2 partner during the first phase of the INNOWORK project (November 2022).

In this second phase, the aforementioned exoskeletons are being tested in some manual workstations, in order to give feedback to the Institute so that they can improve the design of these aids.

SPB2 colleagues testing the exoskeleton in this second phase of the project (July 2023).

Being part of the Innowork project is undoubtedly very positive for the company. Collaborating in such cutting-edge research, which we know will have great benefits for our employees, makes us very happy.

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