Who we do it for

We offer the best solutions to our customers’ demands.

Because we can and because we know how to.

Whether it’s for the end consumer with our proprietary brands or leading retail chains as a distributor brand, we always work to the same standards and excellence.

Private label

Contract manufacturing

Private label

We offer the best for the best

We are specialists in the manufacture of personal care, hygiene and safety and home care products for the distribution brand.

  • We provide home care, personal care and OTC products to the most exacting customers.
  • We work with over half the retail chains in Europe’s Top 20.
  • We have:
    • More than 250 references in our catalogue
    • Over 25,000 outlets
    • International reach: we operate in 30 countries

How do we manage to work with the best?

By providing winning solutions.

Contract manufacturing

We take care of the entire process

We offer comprehensive turnkey solutions for the manufacture of personal care, health and safety and home care products. We treat the brand as if it were our own. We build relationships of trust and cooperation, putting our expertise, production capacity and innovative solutions at the service of our customers.

  • We take care of the entire process: from need detection to product manufacture and subsequent development. We are the partner that brings novelty, experience and added value.
  • We have an extensive range of products in different categories. Quality, safety and performance are key attributes in every product we develop.

  • We have experience in working with market-leading brands, carrying out the contract manufacturing of their products to the highest quality standards.

  • Innovation is present in each and every job we do. Our R&D experts are dedicated to finding distinctive, custom solutions for each product. We imagine, research and test. Visit Innovation.

  • We provide complete and tailored solutions for our customers. We leverage a wide range of formulas (textures, colours, fragrances) and pivot them to create the perfect solution for each customer. We are qualified to meet all country labelling and formulation specifications.

  • Our quality, hygiene and responsibility policies are the main guarantee of our projects. Taking care of every project phase in detail, before it goes live, is the key to our success.


Our brands

Our brands are built on continuous monitoring of market trends and consumer insights to respond to their needs and cover gaps in the market. Each of our brands has its own personality.

Unique proposals in line with SPB values.

They are brands with a global spirit, able to pivot to each market to ensure consumer acceptance and to meet our aim of CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT, whatever the circumstances or level required.

Products designed to provide special attention to home fabrics.

  • Extra care for textiles and the environment.
  • Efficient,eco-friendly formulas combined with the most sophisticated fragrances.

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Personal care products that fits all consumers. Hydration, cleaning and care.

  • Shower gels, hair care products, hand soaps and solutions for the little ones at home.
  • Products developed to meet the daily personal care needs of every consumer and their entire family.
  • Accessible products without having to renounce quality and innovation.
  • We invest all our experience in building a full category of products that fits the day-to-day life of each consumer.
  • We create the best formulas to offer the best solutions in each category.