R&D for unique solutions

We make successful products because we start from the
most important dataset: the end consumer.

We convert our R&D centres into cradles of agile responses with value for our partners’ needs


We know what to do because we know what the end user wants from our goods. Detailed consumer, trend and market insights guide all our processes.

People are bombarded with information across many channels on today’s market. This means we need to reach out to them, receiving, analysing and harnessing the ideas that will form the blueprint for the next successful product. We seek the relevant data wherever it is produced.


We have been Industry 4.0 for a decade and work in environments that power our efficiency. We streamline and define new processes by pivoting to data-based work. This is what informs our decisions right now.

We have grown the product portfolio to include packaging solutions that meet society’s demands thanks to the information we collect from consumers.


Our experience elevates us from static producers to drivers of the disruptive thinking we encourage. We roll out new products that meet demands and add new value to existing goods.

We align production and innovation capacity in each of our sites

We build diverse and specialised spaces where our talent finds the perfect setting to innovate, propose value and translate it into high quality, nature-friendly products. We are proud of our laboratories and production facilities and the demands they can meet.

R&D centres

White room for cosmetics, antiseptics and OTC products

R&D labs

Apps lab

Added value, capability and versatility across packaging products and solutions

Packaging solutions

  • Bottles with a cap
  • Spray bottles
  • Pump bottles
  • Water-soluble powder and liquid capsules
  • Doypacks
  • Tub
  • Handle container