Hygiene & disinfection

Personal hygiene, laundry and household cleaning
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We certify our products externally to ensure proper disinfection against bacteria, fungi and viruses, including Coronavirus.

We focus on the increasingly important home and hand disinfection range.

At SPB we are experts in the development of disinfectants that ensure family and home hygiene and protection. 


We divide them into three care areas:

Personal hygiene

Household cleaning

Personal hygiene

Personal hygiene

  • Guaranteed skin disinfection and protection with gel, liquid and spray formulations.
  • Variety of products, from the most functional to extra care and high-end.
  • Tested and validated, our products guarantee safe use.

Hydroalcoholic Gels

Hand Soaps




  • Fabric care and disinfection with products with and without bleach.

  • Bleach-free products are formulated with biocides to ensure effective disinfection and hygiene throughout the wash cycle – before, during and after.


Disinfectant Additives


Pistol Sprays for Textile Disinfectants

Household cleaning

Household cleaning

  • We guarantee the protection of your home thanks to an extensive range of hygiene and disinfection products adapted to each surface type.

  • Cleanliness, efficiency, hygiene and disinfection in products with and without bleach.

  • We also develop specific products to disinfect fruit and vegetables.

Household Cleaner & Multipurpose Cleaner

Bathrooms & Toilets

Fruit and Vegetable Disinfection