Facilities and production capacity

57.000 sq metres of innovation, safety and respect for the environment

We create synergies that strengthen us on an international and global market, aligning production and innovation across our centres in Valencia, Seville and Rhineland (Germany).

Infrastructures of the future for products that change the present

million litres
million units

Our innovation strategy is integrated into all our processes.

5 production centres
and 1 R+D Centre

+25 production lines

32 packaging lines 

for 620Mn bottles / year

MP warehouses + packaging lines

and air-conditioned product manufacture (controlled temperature and humidity)

70 manufacturing tanks:

mixers + reactors for 1.5Bn litres / year

25 PET and PE blowing machines

for 420Mn bottles / year

White room for cosmetics, antiseptics and medical devices (photo)

R&D labs

Apps lab

Automatic quality control equipment

+ vision cameras + MES system for production control