Ethics and compliance

Ethical, transparent and accountable industry

A moral involvement in everything we do and are is what sets us apart. As an organisation, we operate on the basis of a rigorous code of ethics that informs our decisions and processes and underpins our value proposition of being the best partner for customers, co-operators and the human team.

Our ethical values are our corporate culture

  • IdentityWe define ourselves as transparent, reliable and accountable. And we convey this requirement to our products.
  • SPB cultureRespect for legal and industry standards and the code of ethics is part of our training culture. The SPB team works in line with values and demands.
  • Intentions put into actionWe set up an Ethics and Compliance Committee to ensure compliance with our Code of Ethics and Conduct and General Compliance Policy. The compliance officer acts independently and with the necessary resources in their work to support the Committee.
  • ComplianceAccountability and transparency to ensure effective and verifiable compliance with the rules is a cornerstone of our decisions and impacts our entire structure.
  • We are societyThrough our products we are part of the actions of our society. Delivering on its ethical and moral demands makes us an active player and engine of change for a more sustainable and honest reality.
  • We inspire accountabilityOur suppliers are also part of our product: we operate in a responsible supply chain where all the stakeholders demand equal accountability and adherence to standards and values. Adherence to the Supplier Code of Ethics is a guarantee and inspiration.
  • Zero toleranceWe created a General Compliance Policy with a particular emphasis on preventing corrupt behaviour and laundering.
  • We sign up to inspiring communitiesThrough our affiliation with SEDEX we monitor compliance with labour, health and safety, environmental and business-ethics standards.

SPB Agenda

We have a goal: to consolidate a series of milestones by 2022 that will form the basis for developing our relations with customers, partners and the human team.

Transparent relations

Discrete, comprehensive and law-abiding business transactions between parties.

Free and fair competition

We are a strong team and ready to compete, but ethics and standards guide our decisions.

Suppliers who do their bit

Creating a product that reflects our values requires us to work with stakeholders who share our commitment and sense of responsibility.

Real measures

The integrity we demand prevents us from accepting any form of reprehensible conduct.


Respect for our own and third-party information commits us to the protection of trade and professional secrets.

Solution forecasting

We have problem-solving procedures to use with partners, customers and staff.

A team encouraged to speak out

At SPB we all do our bit. We listen and onboard ideas in a climate of honesty and respect.

Fair and transparent pay

Our team works with fair and transparent pay and equal opportunities and commitments.

We are prepared

Our strategic planning involves a risk analysis; our decisions contain solutions.

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Compliance policy
Safety, health and people policy
Product quality and safety policy
Suppliers, partners and collaborators policy
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