Our team

Together we are extraordinary

At SPB we are a team unafraid to advance. Our formula for success is posited on listening to all the voices we have assembled and letting each person contribute ideas, talent and effort. Our cohesion and diversity make us a partner with incredible innovation capabilities.

Perfect formula

At SPB we do not hesitate to give young talent opportunities, knowing that a fresh outlook + expertise makes us the best partner.

We are not afraid of evolving

Thinking up ways to improve and innovate is part of our daily lives. We are disruptive by nature and have no problem testing mould-breaking ideas. Our products are the best proof of this.

Motivated to innovate

Achieving our goals is everyone’s goal. Caring for each person’s motivation is the perfect way to achieve it.

Recipe for success

Our teams comprise professionals with diverse profiles who enrich all processes. The fusion of knowledge fields gives us the ability to create products of impeccable quality.

Values that make a team

Applying fairness to our internal relationships is one of our strengths. We are a team; we feel like a team.

The figure of success


We grow, improve and move forward: we have 650 people between staff and the R&D team.