SDGs and commitment

At SPB we work with the responsibility of providing solutions to the needs of people, society and the environment.

We have onboarded the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) developed by the United Nations and signed by Member States as a reference framework that influences our decisions.

It is not enough for us to comply with the law. We want to own changes that enhance everything around us: as an organisation, by providing solutions to the problems of individuals and societies, and as an industry, by stepping up to become part of the solution to current environmental sustainability problems.

The 17 SDGs of the UN Development Programme are already an important part of the framework we operate in and where we assume responsibilities.

No poverty
  • We partner with a food collection programme.
Zero hunger
  • We partner with a food collection programme.
Good health and wellbeing
  • People: with our Onboarding Plan we endeavour to make new employees feel part of the team right from the start.
  • Medical insurance for all workers.
  • Campaigns of mobile units to check health surveillance and follow-up with mutual insurance companies and prevention services to improve our good health practices.
  • Stretching exercises.
  • Health and wellness messages on internal company channels.
  • Flexibility and conciliation measures: the aim is to achieve a balance between work and family. Flexible working hours, flexibility in the holiday period, adaptation of the workplace…
  • We are committed to Eudaimonic happiness by helping people to develop their strengths, have self-confidence, make positive attributions, focus on their goals and be resilient.
  • Products: each ingredient and raw material is carefully selected to ensure it is completely safe.
Quality education

SPB Academy

  • We all undergo training: our line managers and directors also have to update their skillsets.
  • Skills and career development: encouraging enthusiasm, contribution, awareness of strengths and how to enhance them at work and beyond.
  • We promote equal training in all positions, regardless of gender.
  • We share experience: we aim to bridge the gap between students and professionals with our internship programme.
  • We bring science closer to children with our project “The Magic of Chemistry.”
  • We bring volunteering closer to our people and their families with a focus on SDG 15 through environmental initiatives.
  • Compliance training for the entire company to sow the culture of compliance.
  • We train in ethical values and a culture of effort and responsibility.
Gender equality
  • We put our words into action by preparing the Equality Plan and implementing its measures and indicators. Among them, equal pay.
  • It is a living document that we are constantly updating in order to work on the heterogeneity of the teams.
Clean water and sanitation
  • We join the search for solutions to the scarcity of safe drinking water through responsible consumption, comprehensive spill control and minimising the use of PbOs.
Affordable and clean energy
  • We help facilitate global access to sufficient clean energy through our commitment to green electricity, responsible energy consumption and the implementation of energy-efficiency projects.
Decent work and economic growth
  • We create quality products in a decent, safe and healthy work environment.
  • We generate wealth and quality employment.
  • We constantly improve our occupational safety through annual investments.
  • We carry out several emergency drills in all our plants and hygiene measurements.
  • We carry out continuous and proximity training sessions to ensure awareness of Occupational Risk Prevention, which we reinforce with positive feedback for safe behaviour.
  • We encourage our people to propose improvements associated with risk prevention indicators.
  • Safety walks: people from the production lines accompany the Prevention technician in the four-monthly safety audits to train the safety perspective and raise awareness.
  • Christmas Convention every year with all the people in the company to share the company’s strategy and its progress.
  • Fostering a sense of belonging through the co-creation of company values by all people.
  • We create a viable and sustainable business based on good governance practices, transparency and honesty.
Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  • We face economic and environmental challenges aware of the importance of industry as a driver of growth, wealth and the improvement of society.
  • We engage in the selection of environmentally friendly raw materials and work with suppliers who share our vision and commitment.
Reduced inequalities
  • Change that puts an end to inequalities in society must start in organisations, and our wages are governed by equality, transparency and justice within the framework created by the CSR and OHS policy.
  • We work with special employment centres, taking into account the integration of groups with functional diversity in our selection processes.
Sustainable cities and communities
  • Small gestures build more sustainable cities: we do our bit by informing consumers about packaging management. A small gesture of communication that promotes recycling.
Responsible consumption and production

We know that responsible production is necessary for responsible consumption. That is why sustainability is present across every step of our production process:

  • Selection of raw materials
  • Safety assessment
  • Supplier approval
  • Environmental management system (ISO 14001)
  • Product recall procedure
  • Consumer information
  • Design of sustainable formulas and packaging
  • Quality management system (ISO 9001)
Climate action
  • As an industry, we are aware of the impact of our decisions on climate change. That is why we take the necessary measures to continue working under conditions of responsible energy consumption, drafting energy-efficient projects and acquiring energy-efficient machinery.
Life below water
  • The chemistry of the oceans is the responsibility of all, especially in our industry. And caring for the land ecosystems we live with directly impacts our health, quality of life and biodiversity balance. Protecting these sources of wellbeing and wealth starts with the selection of raw materials and ongoing and comprehensive safety assessments extended to our suppliers. This is reflected in the environmental management system governing our processes (ISO 14001).
  • SPB also engages in the Fiberclean project, providing solutions to the problem of microfibres in our seas.
Life on land
  • Commitment to the environment is one of the bases of our work. We have promoted different initiatives involving SPB corporate volunteers to protect the environment, such as collecting rubbish and cleaning rivers and beaches.
  • This 2021 our CSR project is aligned with this SDG. We have made the SPB Forest a reality by planting more than 2,000 trees in the province of Valencia (Spain).
Peace, justice and strong institutions
  • Working and growing within a framework of integrity and with a project that has fully mainstreamed ethical values around responsibility and transparency gives us strength.
  • Respecting these principles is transmittable and we want to be the engine of change for a better society.
  • We have been drawing up a Code of Ethics and Conduct since 2013 and we have an ethics channel available to everyone in the company. 
Partnerships for the goals
  • Together we are stronger. Cooperation is the only way to achieve more developed, fairer communities.
  • We promote signing up to associations in the countries where we operate through partnerships with AISE (International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products), Adelma (Spanish Association of Detergents and Cleaning, Maintenance and Related Products Companies), Quimacova, the New Plastics Economy and many other initiatives, all with the intention of making our sector an economic driver grounded in sustainability and responsibility.
  • We collaborate with Voluntare, Global Compact and the Acompartir Association.
  • We have been publishing our CSR Report since 2012 as an active and voluntary contribution to social, economic and environmental improvement based on the priorities of our stakeholders.
  • Collaborations with universities providing opportunities for research work and doctoral theses.
  • Product donations.