Innovation model

We innovate for the best

From detected need to end product: we are the partner that brings novelty, experience and added value to the table

SPB Innovation Manifesto

  • is our engine for growth being key to our sustainability
  • improving people's livesvalidating that it responds to their needs
  • provides differential solutionssupported by new technologies and with a vision of the future
  • fosters a transformational culturecharacterising who we are and how we work

At SPB we innovate in order to:


Being a benchmark in innovation and energising our innovation ecosystem.


Providing differential value in a competitive market.


Promoting an innovative mentality in the company.


Generating a positive impact on society.


Being efficient in the design of our solutions.

Our innovation strategy is mainstreamed across all our processes

We listen

Consumer insights and the detection of their needs is our baseline. All our work starts with the end customer

We are experts

We specialise in product categories: we propose additions and added values that improve the on-shelf range

We inspire and are inspired

We encourage disruptive and incremental innovation: we nurture and nourish ideas that bring novelty and value

We contribute

We possess the know-how, equipment and facilities to make a product happen, with the characteristics the consumer is looking for

We grow

The journey from consumer need to end product provides us with more experience: we integrate inputs that make us grow in innovation

We collaborate

We develop innovative products with the help of universities and international research centers.

Innovative ecosystem

We have the equipment, method and infrastructure to create great products

We cultivate innovative minds

We foster intrapreneurship: creativity and new ideas make us valuable partners

Partnerships that power the engine of innovation

By engaging with universities, start-ups and other partners that add value we can deliver on more ambitious goals and continue to grow

The methodology behind our work philosophy: Agile and MVP

People, collaboration and communication are our best tool. We work with the customer and onboard them in our processes. Safety always comes first. We pivot - the plan is developed along the product journey. We fully harness learning.

Technology that turns inspiration into reality

We have the facilities and technology to implement the best formulas and packaging solutions

Our ability to innovate, in figures

R&D projects
Initiatives funded by the CDTI Industrial Technological Development Centre
Initiatives funded by the IVACE Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness
Project in the Eurostars programme to support R&D intensive SMEs

Partners in innovation