Sustainability and responsibility

Being part of the solution is what we're all about. We are suppliers of sustainable and ecological cleaning products.

From formula to packaging, respect for the environment is at the heart of our decisions:

  • Product formulation
  • Package design
  • Selection of suppliers
  • Good environmental practices during manufacture, transport and product use by consumer
  • Final recovery of all components

We reduce waste, consumption and CO2 emissions:

We minimise our environmental impact. We are suppliers of sustanaible and ecological cleaning products.


All the electricity we consume is green-certified, guaranteeing its origin in renewables purchased by the utility company


By 2025 our packaging will be recyclable, reusable and compostable


2030 is our timeline for rolling out PCR across 50% our plastic packaging

Commitments to reduce our footprint

Mindful planning

  • We improve our energy efficiency
  • We work with energy efficient machinery
  • We reduce consumption
  • We plan transport routes to minimise environmental impact

Circular economy

4R waste management

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle
  • Recover

Less is more

  • We reduce plastic consumption by optimising the weight of our packaging
  • We cut out unnecessary material consumption
  • We make less hazardous, more environmentally friendly goods
  • We manufacture more concentrated products

All our work lines engage in environmental protection

  • SUSTAINABLE RAW MATERIALSMuch of the palm oil consumed is RSPO-certified. All cardboard used is FSC-certified. Other parts of our packaging are certified as bisphenol, phthalate and heavy-metal free.
  • VEGAN / CRUELTY FREEWe pursue the rollout of vegan products and goods not tested on animals.
  • FIBER CLEANWe innovate so our textiles release the minimum amount of microfibres over their lifetime.
  • RESPECTFUL FORMULASWe remove microplastics and other sources of environmental concern from our lists of ingredients.
  • CERTIFICATION ECOLABELECOLABEL and CHARTER are our guides to making goods that are more environmentally friendly throughout their lifecycle: we develop them to the highest sustainability standards. We are suppliers of sustainable and ecological cleaning products.

Aligned in the fight against climate change, we actively defend natural resources and biodiversity

As AISE members we have signed up to the European Circular Economy Strategy and European Plastics Strategy.


(Ellen MacArthur Foundation) We share a vision: plastics have more than one life, they are never waste.

ISO 14.001

We have been striving to minimise our environmental impact since 2010.