On Thursday 13th July, we welcomed Rubén Hidalgo, Director of Corporate Venturing at CAPSA FOOD, to our innovation centre in Cheste, where he shared his innovative experience with Gracia Burdeos, CEO of #spbglobal, and the rest of the company’s executives.

Rubén Hidalgo and Gracia Burdeos talk during iSPB Day.

Through CAPSA VIDA, an investment vehicle led by Rubén Hidalgo since 2020, CAPSA FOOD has entered the world of innovation and entrepreneurship. It has been a long road, but thanks to the commitment and hard work in this and many other areas, Central Lechera Asturiana, a CAPSA FOOD brand, has been recognised this year as the third best-selling FMCG brand in Spain, according to the Brand Footprint 2023 ranking by the company KANTAR.

During this day, which we christened iSPB Day, we debated the current challenges in innovation, open innovation and innovative culture. What became clear is that without innovation there is no future and that we must always look for space to develop new options that allow us to move forward, without neglecting the real needs of the market and the consumer, which is and will always be the most important thing.

Communicating, exploring and collaborating with other entities are three of the keys that Rubén Hidalgo and Gracia Burdeos highlighted during their conversation, and which they consider essential for the growth of companies in the field of innovation.

“When people think of innovation, they think of technological innovation. But for all innovation to arrive, communication is fundamental, both outwardly and inwardly”.

Rubén Hidalgo, director of CAPSA VIDA

It was undoubtedly a very interesting day from which we learned a lot.

José Cabanes, Gracia Burdeos, Rubén Hidalgo, Miguel Burdeos and Eva Giner during the iSPB Day.

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