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On the occasion of International Women’s Day, celebrated on 8 March, SPB has launched the podcast Ten Minutes with Ten SPB Women, in which we gather the testimonies of ten women in very different positions who work in the company.

In this episode, they tell us why they think it is necessary to celebrate International Women’s Day, if they have noticed any difference regarding gender in business and academia, if they see that there has been progress or how they see the future.

With this initiative, we want to give a voice to the women who are part of SPB. Because they represent a large part of the SPB Global Family and they make us the great company that we are.

Not only is SPB a benchmark in terms of women’s employment, the chemical sector in general stands out for having one of the highest percentages of female workers in the entire Spanish productive fabric. So much so that, according to data from Feique (Spanish Chemical Industry Federation), 44.4% of employees in the chemical sector are now women (103,485 workers), compared to 28.7% in the manufacturing industry as a whole. Furthermore, more than 50% of research personnel in the chemical sector are women, compared to the industrial average of 30%.

Ten Minutes with SPB

Ten Minutes with Ten Women SPB is the first chapter of a series of podcasts entitled Ten Minutes with SPB. In each episode we will tell you a little bit more about the company, our people and the new projects we are launching.

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