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At SPB we are launching SPBAcademy. It is a platform to organise all the initiatives related to Quality Education and which are framed within the SDG4 of the Sustainable Development Goals. A set of initiatives that were already being promoted in SPB but are now organised under this platform.

This initiative brings together all the activities, projects and initiatives that we promote and that are related to education and training. Its main objective is to share our experience and reduce the distance between students and professionals with our internship programme. At the moment, 13 young people are doing their internships at SPB in the following areas:

– Commercial
– Logistics
– Innovation
– Planning
– Formulation and Chemical Engineering
– Training and Development
– IT
– Legislation
– Management Systems

To make this possible, we maintain a close and fluid relationship with universities, business schools and other educational centres to make this much-needed in-company training possible for students.

Other initiatives within the framework of SPBAcademy are, for example, bringing science closer to young people with our project “The Magic of Chemistry” or bringing volunteering closer to our employees and their families through environmental initiatives.

In addition to this external aspect of SPBAcademy, this platform also serves as a vehicle for all the initiatives we carry out internally with our employees. At SPB, everyone is trained, even our executives and managers have to update their list of competencies. We provide training in skills and career development and promote equal training in all positions, regardless of gender.

Every year we carry out transversal training for everyone in the company, which in 2021 was in Compliance in order to sow the culture of compliance and we train in ethical values and a culture of effort and responsibility.

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