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We are very proud to appear in the Green&Ethical magazine of The Guardian with our brand Voyêtre. The perfect combination of natural ingredient formulas and the most sophisticated fragrances for laundry care.  Green&Ethical focuses on these environmentally-balanced businesses and brands are run with strong principles, aiming to be good for the soul and the planet...
We put our words into action. This is demonstrated by our renewal of the Responsible Care CSR Responsible Company certification. An initiative of Feique as representative and manager of the Global Responsible Care Initiative in Spain. It advocates continuous improvement in production following principles of sustainable development and corporate responsibility. This initiative is voluntary and...
At SPB we are launching SPBAcademy. It is a platform to organise all the initiatives related to Quality Education and which are framed within the SDG4 of the Sustainable Development Goals. A set of initiatives that were already being promoted in SPB but are now organised under this platform. This initiative brings together all the...

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SPB has signed an agreement with the IES Vicent Ferrer in Valencia and the team of conservators and restorers of cultural property to restore a periodic table designed by the German chemist Andreas von Antropoff in 1925, which was located in the institute.    The aim is to conserve and restore a large periodic table...
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